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Written by Iyalorisa Amma Oloriwaa! | Edited by Darasia Selby-Adebisi | April 1, 2014 My good friend, artist kwenci jones, recently exclaimed “The Orisa tradition is a religion for artists!” The idea of art as an expression of worship is not at all far fetched when thought of in the context of African Traditional Religions […]

This program commemorates the 50th anniversary of Marjorie Quinones Sango Gunmi, the first African-American initiated into the Yorùbá tradition on U.S. soil and the progenitor of the largest and oldest African-American Orisa House in the country. This groundbreaking production will also feature: A staged reading of the original play written by Essence magazine best-selling author Karen […]

At our Reading of the Year, The Orisa CDC was advised to commemorate Egun by playing Anya for deceased priests. As advised by Ifa, the ceremony is founded in the tradition of Honra and also Anya for Egun. On Saturday, August 18th, 2012, at the home of Joe Quinones, we played for Egun and also […]

  The Orisa Community Development Corporation Requests Your Presence at a Community Anya Egun Bembe Honoring Our Spiritual and National Ancestors   In Yorùbáland, every town or city has one or more Egungun masquerades. For the Lucumi, our tradition of Egun Bembe is usually for an individual to pay homage to his Orisa and/or family […]

By Iya Sauda Smith There is a Yoruba Proverb which states: “No matter how far the stream flows it never forgets its source.”  This seems to be the basic premise of the latest offering in Latino/Santeria fiction by Irete Lazo.  While this might be written as a woman’s journey to the sacred priesthood of “Ocha,” […]

In mid-November 2011, Pope Benedict XVI visited Ouidah, Benin to address the public and unveil his most recent exhortation titled Africae Munus (“Africa’s Commitment”). Portions of Africae Munus, and some of the Pope’s accompanying remarks, were deeply disturbing and reminiscent of the Catholic Church’s early rationalization for Christianizing Africa, conquering the Americas as well as […]

This dynamic, interdisciplinary one-day symposium will explore themes of healing and the various meanings and interpretations of health, harmony, wellness and wholeness within African, Afro-Diasporic and American Indigenous (AADAI) Religions. Sponsored by the Center for the Study of World Religion at Harvard Divinity School in partnership with the Department of African & African American Studies, […]

Pope Benedict XVI recently visited Ouidah, Benin to address the public and unveil his most recent exhortation entitled Africae Munus. Upon reviewing the decree and the Pope’s accompanying commentary, the Orisa Community Development Corporation found some of the Pope’s remarks and portions of Africae Munus deeply disturbing, reminiscent of the Catholic Churches’ early rationalization for […]

It’s an unfortunate fact: there has been a lot of downsizing within ethnic studies programs at universities throughout the nation, including in New York City. Slashes in funding and other considerations have meant that the City University of New York (CUNY), among other  institutions, has scaled back African and Diaspora Studies programs at many of the […]

By Omo Ase Before my year, I learned much about the rules of the year (wear white, eat and drink with your prescribed dishes and utensil, etc.) and about what I was NOT supposed to do (be involved in social activities, eat in restaurants, etc.).  But I don’t feel as though I really understood what […]