About Us

Joe Quinones Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board Joseph T. Quinones (Obakanla) is the first African-American born into the Yoruba Orisa tradition and his mother, Marjorie Quinones, was the first African-American initiated into the Yoruba tradition in North America. Joe is descended from a long line of Sango worshipers from the Yoruba town of Ilesa. […]

The Orisa Community Development Corporation is the brainchild of Joe Quinones, a businessman and community organizer who was born into the Yoruba tradition in the United States of America.  His goal was to expand into the larger Orisa Community the vision for a more unified and empowered community that he first expressed by organizing his […]

The worship of the spiritual forces deities called Orisa has a long and venerable history that dates back thousands of years amongst the Yoruba and Southwestern Nigeria. These religious traditions spread to the Americas with the enslavement and indentured servitude of Yoruba during the late 18th and 19th centuries. In spite of colonialism in Africa […]