The Orisa Community Development Corporation is proud to have been featured in the documentary Sacred Journeys now airing on PBS. Sacred Journeys is a new six-part series that takes viewers on some of the most celebrated, challenging, and spectacular religious pilgrimages in the world. From Japan, to Mecca, to India, to Nigeria, viewers follow modern […]

By Darasia Selby-Adebisi | April 1, 2014 The melting of the snow, longer days, and the warmer weather can only mean one thing:  Spring is finally here! After a very cold winter most of us are probably relieved to see the first signs of spring.  But spring is not only a time of increased light […]

Written by Baba Faseye Sangobukunmi (Jamel Cherry)  | Edited by Darasia Selby-Adebisi | April 1, 2014 I began my spiritual journey in the church. Yet as I got older, my soul still searched for something more. During my high school years I delved into Islam where I learned how to read and write Arabic, yet still […]

by Darasia Selby-Adebisi | November 1, 2013 On December 7, the Orisa Community Development Corporation and ZEYBRAH are proudly featuring the 14th annual Moment in Time Festival, featuring a staged reading of Sango Gunmi: The Emergence of the Yorùbá Tradition in the African American Community.  Written by Essence best-selling author Karen E. Quinones-Miller and directed […]

This program commemorates the 50th anniversary of Marjorie Quinones Sango Gunmi, the first African-American initiated into the Yorùbá tradition on U.S. soil and the progenitor of the largest and oldest African-American Orisa House in the country. This groundbreaking production will also feature: A staged reading of the original play written by Essence magazine best-selling author Karen […]