Program Areas

This Orisa CDC, both directly and through member organizations, will offer high quality social programs and initiatives that will support the social, cultural, and religious development of the Orisa Community. These and other initiatives will seek to give aid and support to the Orisa community and reclaim and preserve the tradition and cultural practices that […]

The Orisa CDC intends to provide programs to strengthen already existing Orisa-centric entities such as Orisa Houses, Egbes, etc. The organization will serve as a researcher and innovator in the community, seeking to understand current barriers to success and offer new ideas to build stability and capacity. The organization intends to offer forums, conduct research, […]

The Orisa CDC seeks to fulfil its mission and vision through programming in three (3) main categories: Economic Development, Community Development, and Social Development. Economic Development The Orisa CDC intends to provide leadership in the development of community owned economic assets such as a facility for ceremonies and programs, an operating fund and an endowment. […]