Standing Committees

This committee functions as the Orisa CDC’s official liaison with other Orisa entities and provide the primary catalyst and leadership in developing, in partnership with other Orisa entities, the necessary community organs for consensus building, Orisa organizational entity coordination and synergy, and eventual community governance systems, all in alignment with social model and strategic plans […]

It is through the Program Committee that the Orisa CDC delivers its true value to our community. The PC implements programs of the Orisa CDC by coordinating program delivery through Orisa CDC member organizations, external resources, and direct delivery from the Orisa CDC. Orisa CDC programs are grouped into three program areas being Economic Development, […]

Recruits, processes and provides orientation for new Orisa CDC members and then deploys them to their assigned committees. Also holds events to facilitate networking, social interaction, etc. Will also develop database of all members of the Orisa community to enable to the Orisa CDC to develop a demographic profile of the community.

Under the direction and leadership of the committee co-chairs and treasurer, the FF Committee is responsible for fundraising (grant writing, fund raising events, capital campaign development, etc) to fund activities of the Orisa CDC and move group towards having a full time staff. The finance section of the committee is responsible for book keeping, approval […]

Develops communication strategy to enable rapid dissemination of information throughout the community regionally, nationally and globally. Maintains the Orisa CDC’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, my Space, etc. and keeps Orisa CDC website current. Promotes all Orisa CDC programs and events by subscribing to appropriate e-groups and developing and growing e-mail databases and address lists. As […]