Iyalorisa Sabrina McIntosh Davis-Parham

Sabrina has consistently been active in various Brooklyn communities and non profits including the Bedford Stuyvesant Gateway Project, the Bedford Stuyvesant I Have a Dream Program (Executive Director), and Excellence Boys Charter School (Founding Member). She has given tirelessly to the Orisa community as a Founding Member and 1st Vice President of the Ijo Orisa Yoruba Church, the Founder of Ile Osun Odo Femi and a founding member of the Egbe Awo Osun. She was initiated to the Osun in June 1980 by Osa Unco (Sunta Serrano Ibaiye) and Charles Abramson (Ibu Okanla Ibaiye). Currently, Sabrina is the CEO of O Consulting Group.

Iyalorisa Lynette White

Lynette White-Mathews is a Priest of Obatala initiated in 1979 by Ascension Serrano, Osaunko; “Sunta” Ibaye. She has since earned a Bachelor’s in Education from New York University and a Masters in Educational Administration and Supervision from the College of New Rochelle and currently works as an Assistant Principal. As a member of Omo Obatala Egbe, Inc. Lynette represented the Egbe as a Board member of Ijo Orisa Yoruba Church, Inc. She later assumed the position of Executive Director for the Church and continues in this position.

Iyalorisa Amma Oloriwaa!

Iya Oloriwaa! began studying and teaching African dance and music as a teenager and was introduced to African spirituality by Nana Yao Opare Dinizulu- Ibaye. She is a priest of Obatala initiated in 1983 by her godfather Yomi Awolowo in the line of Osa Unko-Ibaye. An Akpon for 30 years, she leads ceremonies singing for Orisa and Egun, and trains future Akpons. She is blessed to witness and participate in the various work and traditions of the full Orisa community. Iya Oloriwaa! is a founding member of the Omo Obatala Egbe, Inc. and Ijo Orisa Yoruba Church, Inc and is the founder and Alakoso (director) of the Egbe Iwa Odoíkunrin*Egbe Iwa Odo’binrin, Inc (the society of young men and young women of character) Rites of Passage Program.

Babalawo Felix Sanabria

Baba Felix Sanabria, is a Babalawo and percussionist who has been performing and recording for over thirty-five years with the most renowned musicians in the Afro-Caribbean, Latin, Afro- Pop and Jazz Diaspora. In June of 1992 Felix was initiated as a priest of Obatala by Olo Oshun Evelyn Okantomi Smart and Oni Shango Chief Aya Ilu Bey (ibae).

As an Omo Aña, Baba Felix has performed Orisha music with many of the most prominent drummers of our time. – most notably, the late great Orlando “Puntilla” Rios, Oni Shango Obatilemi, who was a leading exponent of Aña, Orisha and Afro-Cuban music in the United States. Puntilla introduced Felix to his godfather Gerardo “Taboada” Ferandez Ogbeyo who initiated him into the Ifa Priesthood in March of 2001.

Olorisa Senemeh Burke

Olorisa Senemeh Burke, is an Oriate and priest of Osun that was initiated in November of 1994 at Ile Ase, located in New York City.