Photos of Council of Elders

The Orisa CDC seeks to fulfil its mission and vision through programming in three (3) main categories: Economic Development, Community Development, and Social Development.

Economic Development

The Orisa CDC intends to provide leadership in the development of community owned economic assets such as a facility for ceremonies and programs, an operating fund and an endowment. We will also facilitate economic empowerment through programming that supports the development of individuals as well as the community at large.

Capital Campaign To Raise Money To Purchase And Develop A Community Facility:

Working in partnership with other like-minded Orisa entities, The Orisa CDC will develop a capital campaign to purchase and develop a community owned and operated facility for ceremony and social programming.

Financial Literacy Workshops:

The Orisa CDC intends to provide initiatives and workshops that instill a sense of responsibility and empower individuals to make sound financial decisions concerning their finances, wealth building and long term investments.

We intend to offer seminars in the following subjects:

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Budgeting
  • Personal Finance and Asset Creation
  • Tax Assistance and Planning
  • Investing and Financing
  • Home Ownership