The Orisa Community Development Corporation’s Media Group consists of talented writers who act as the media spokespeople for the Orisa CDC.  In this role, group members develop and maintain a community newsletter that informs the Orisa Community about Orisa community–related events, and cultural events of interest taking place in the community at large as well as provide relevant and meaningful commentary regarding tradition, culture, spirituality/theology, and social issues.  The Orisa CDC Media Group also has an anti-defamation function as they develop and protect the image of the Orisa community through writing op-ed pieces, sending press releases stating the position of the Orisa CDC on issues and policies affecting our community and being available to the media to provide statements regarding the Orisa community and its practices.

The Orisa CDC Writers Group is looking for excellent writers who are willing to regularly contribute to the Orisa CDC Community Newsletter, and develop op-ed pieces and press releases for the media as needed.  We are looking for writers who can work well within a group, can reasonably proofread and edit their own work, and who are open to constructive feedback.

The Media Group is led by Orisa CDC Chair, Darasia Selby. If interested in participating in this most important initiative, please contact Darasia at: or (347) 603-OCDC.