By Kemba Mchawi Twenty-two years ago I copied a definition of “priest.”  I amply displayed it on the empty wall space between the double-mirrored dresser in my Bronx bedroom. I wanted to know exactly what was I getting myself into. Having recently been initiated into the Yoruba religion, I was an iyawo, yet I knew […]Continue Reading


The Yoruba Study Group of Detroit (YSGOD) was founded on July 17, 2009 by Kefentse Akim Bandele. Kefentse, an omo Sango, felt led by his ancestors to form a group to provide fellowship for Ifa/Orisa practitioners in particular and anyone interested in learning introductory information about different African cultural traditions in general. Participation in group […]Continue Reading


For many people of African descent, repatriating to Africa is the stuff of legend and fantasy. For one young woman and her son, however, the dream has become reality and they are making big strides within their new home village. Orisa CDC affiliate Abena Feliciano and her son, Kofi, repatriated to Ghana holding the belief […]Continue Reading


For inquiries or if you are interested in vending, contact us: info@OrisaCDC.orgContinue Reading


Join the Orisa CDC for an After Work Social Mixer! We had fun in Philly, now we’re bringing it back to NYC! Join us after work to unwind, meet other African-centered and culturally aware young professionals and learn more about the CDC and how to get involved. Friday, December 7, 2012  6 – 9 pm […]Continue Reading


At our Reading of the Year, The Orisa CDC was advised to commemorate Egun by playing Anya for deceased priests. As advised by Ifa, the ceremony is founded in the tradition of Honra and also Anya for Egun. On Saturday, August 18th, 2012, at the home of Joe Quinones, we played for Egun and also […]Continue Reading


  The Orisa Community Development Corporation Requests Your Presence at a Community Anya Egun Bembe Honoring Our Spiritual and National Ancestors   In Yorùbáland, every town or city has one or more Egungun masquerades. For the Lucumi, our tradition of Egun Bembe is usually for an individual to pay homage to his Orisa and/or family […]Continue Reading


By Iya Sauda Smith There is a Yoruba Proverb which states: “No matter how far the stream flows it never forgets its source.”  This seems to be the basic premise of the latest offering in Latino/Santeria fiction by Irete Lazo.  While this might be written as a woman’s journey to the sacred priesthood of “Ocha,” […]Continue Reading


Imagine getting a team of African healers to spend four years channeling spiritual energy to help you launch a documentary film! That’s what’s happening to film producer, James Weeks. His long anticipated film, Across the King’s River, which explores how African healing traditions intersect with science, is currently in production. Weeks will share the core […]Continue Reading


In mid-November 2011, Pope Benedict XVI visited Ouidah, Benin to address the public and unveil his most recent exhortation titled Africae Munus (“Africa’s Commitment”). Portions of Africae Munus, and some of the Pope’s accompanying remarks, were deeply disturbing and reminiscent of the Catholic Church’s early rationalization for Christianizing Africa, conquering the Americas as well as […]Continue Reading