Ile Orunmila Ogunike, is a love filled ile in the Houston, TX metro area, run by computer scientist and jazz pianist Babalawo Rony Perry (omo Yemoja) and his wife Dr. Faizah Perry, a priestess of Ogun, who both hail from the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago.  Baba and Iya are assisted by their crowned godchildren Olorishas Attorney Winston Brathwaite, entrepreneurs Alma Espinoza and Cindy Zamarippa, educator Aneesah Rasheed, special event coordinator Margaret Sumter, and Karim Rand – educator, genealogist, and master librarian, as well as by the dedicated Apetebis ni Ifa of the ile.

The primary English speaking Ifa Lucumi ile of Houston, they promote love, unity, and respect for all branches of Yoruba traditions by having good relations with the Cuban Santeria, Trinidad Orisha, and traditional Nigerian Yoruba communities.  They advocate this path as an ancient system of worship, and as a means of achieving spiritual balance, good character, and personal growth. All members from the youngest aborisha to the Babalawos have a voice and everyone’s input and ase is valued.
Classes are offered on a variety of topics from Yoruba history, Ifa cosmology, the Orisas and their energies, ancestor veneration, and religious protocols.  The ile also sponsors tambors, historical and educational trips, and lectures from guest speakers.    A large event dubbed, “Big Ile Family Weekend” is held bi-annually.  Godchildren, their family members, as well as visiting priests come for a long weekend of classes, ceremonies, misas, and fun activities such as ‘Family Day in the Park’ or’ Ile Night out on Town’,  with the weekend usually concluding with a tambor.
Ile Orunmila Ogunike is diverse, with members hailing from the cultures of Barbados, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Louisiana Creole, Mexico, Ojibwe Nation (Native American), Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, St. Thomas, Trinidad and Tobago, and the USA.