Orisa CDC in collaboration with Empowered Communities Development Corporation & The Wharton African American MBA Association presents the 2nd Annual Empowerment Retreat on Saturday, April 19, 2014 at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania John M. Huntsman Hall 3730 Walnut Street, 2nd Floor, Room 240 (Retreat check-in 8:30AM, Program runs from 9AM – […]Continue Reading


In an effort to help young people in Nigeria to gain skills that will continue to serve them far beyond a single donation, The Orisa Community Development Corporation, in collaboration with local organizers from across Yorùbáland, is hosting its 4th Orisa Community Empowerment Retreat This 1-day retreat will take place on 19 August, 2015 in […]Continue Reading


The Orisa Community Development Corporation presents our 5th biennial Sacred Journey to Yorubaland August 12-26, 2017    Join the Orisa CDC for a culturally charged journey to Nigeria which will include events and visits to many cultural heritage sites including:  The Osun Festival in Osogbo The Obatala Shrine in Ile-Ife The Sango festival in Oyo […]Continue Reading


The Orisa Community Development Corporation is proud to have been featured in the documentary Sacred Journeys now airing on PBS. Sacred Journeys is a new six-part series that takes viewers on some of the most celebrated, challenging, and spectacular religious pilgrimages in the world. From Japan, to Mecca, to India, to Nigeria, viewers follow modern […]Continue Reading


By Darasia Selby-Adebisi | April 1, 2014 The melting of the snow, longer days, and the warmer weather can only mean one thing:  Spring is finally here! After a very cold winter most of us are probably relieved to see the first signs of spring.  But spring is not only a time of increased light […]Continue Reading


Written by Baba Faseye Sangobukunmi (Jamel Cherry)  | Edited by Darasia Selby-Adebisi | April 1, 2014 I began my spiritual journey in the church. Yet as I got older, my soul still searched for something more. During my high school years I delved into Islam where I learned how to read and write Arabic, yet still […]Continue Reading


Written by Iyalorisa Amma Oloriwaa! | Edited by Darasia Selby-Adebisi | April 1, 2014 My good friend, artist kwenci jones, recently exclaimed “The Orisa tradition is a religion for artists!” The idea of art as an expression of worship is not at all far fetched when thought of in the context of African Traditional Religions […]Continue Reading


by Darasia Selby-Adebisi | November 1, 2013 On December 7, the Orisa Community Development Corporation and ZEYBRAH are proudly featuring the 14th annual Moment in Time Festival, featuring a staged reading of Sango Gunmi: The Emergence of the Yorùbá Tradition in the African American Community.  Written by Essence best-selling author Karen E. Quinones-Miller and directed […]Continue Reading


This program commemorates the 50th anniversary of Marjorie Quinones Sango Gunmi, the first African-American initiated into the Yorùbá tradition on U.S. soil and the progenitor of the largest and oldest African-American Orisa House in the country. This groundbreaking production will also feature: A staged reading of the original play written by Essence magazine best-selling author Karen […]Continue Reading


Join the Orisa CDC for a culturally charged trip to see some of the best traditional African dance companies in the world, all assembled on one stage. Also enjoy  the Dance Africa outdoor African Market, a global marketplace for African, African-American, and Caribbean arts, crafts, and food featuring over 200 vendors. Traveling from Philadelphia, this trip offers the enjoyment of fellowship with like-minded […]Continue Reading


Eriwo Ya! had the privilege of interviewing Chief Iya Aina Olomo, priestess of Sango and author of The Core of Fire: A Path to Yoruba Spiritual Activism for this edition’s Our Esteemed Elders column. We thank Iya for her time and her insightful words. Eriwo Ya!: Iya Aina, as a Yorùbá chief and priestess, you […]Continue Reading